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  • What is Inklab?
    A comics zine that publishes thematic issues containing cheeky, offbeat approaches to the world around us. Read more about InkLab here
  • How do I submit?
    Once submissions are open for our next issue, send an email to, along with a full script for your comic, a short note explaining the motifs of your story, and some written and illustrative samples. You can read more about our submission guidelines here
  • What if I’ve never made a comic before?
    Do your best! InkLab accepts first time submissions, and we work with contributors throughout the creative process for any assistance, ideating, and editing required.
  • What if I can’t draw?
    Do your best! Fundamentally, comics are a medium that is accessible to everyone, and you do not need a “refined” style to write a good comic. Alternatively, you can collaborate with an artist, but InkLab does require submissions to have an artist attached.
  • Do you only print in black and white?
    Yes, so don’t waste your time colouring your comics.
  • What about censorship?
    As long as the police don’t come knocking on our door, we’re fine with it. We make comics for adults, so mature content and language is allowed. However, any intentional targeting of any person(s) or community will not be tolerated, and any submissions that do not adhere to this may be rejected immediately, regardless of what stage.
  • Do contributors get paid?
    Yes. Profits from the book are divided equally amongst contributors, and we pay per page of the story.
  • Can I submit a comic I’ve made previously?
    If it’s good, sure. In general, there is an editing process where changes will be made, so keep that in mind.
  • What happens in the editorial process?
    We will work with you to help develop your story and visuals in a way that stays true to your comic and idea, while also ensuring the comic works with the issue’s theme.
  • How do I buy your comics?
    You can visit our shop page
  • Who does your publishing?
    InkLab is a product of Choorma Studio, a small design studio based in New Delhi. Choorma is responsible for the production, publishing, and distribution of InkLab Zine.

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