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We stuck some ink, half-baked ideas, and a fierce need to make comics in the laboratory of our wicked minds and thus Inklab was born. 


InkLab is for bad kids, sad kids, mad kids, glad kids who turned to comics and never looked away. 


Publishing dry, gritty, witty and sometimes naughty comics for our reckless readers, InkLab was started in 2013 as an underground magazine by a group of New Delhi based comics creators seeking to make a raw and engaging collection of indie comics. InkLab returned from a long hiatus in 2019 and has since produced three thematic issues; Disease, Consume, and Freedom. Since 2022, InkLab Zine has been published by Choorma Studio. Our upcoming fourth issue, Jungle, is set to release in late 2023. 


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Issue 1: Disease
Divya Tak doodle
Divya Tak
Anupam Arunachalam doodle portrait

Anupam Arunachalam

Aakshat Sinha cartoon
Aakshat Sinha
Shikhant Sablania cartoon
Shikhant Sablania
Issue 2: Consume
Lokesh Khodke portrait
Lokesh Khodke
Rahil Mohsin cartoon

Rahil Mohsin

Falah Faisal meme portrait
Falah Faisal
Anukriti Singh cartoon doodle
Anukriti Singh
Mitali Panganti cartoon
Mitali Panganti
Issue 3: Freedom
Aamir Rangawala portrait
Aamir Rangawala
Mitali Panganti doodle
Mitali Panganti
Ayushi Rastogi ink portrait
Ayushi Rastogi
Shirin Kekre cartoon

Shirin Kekre

Abhishek Verma ink potrait
Abhishek Verma
Riya Nagendra cartoon
Riya Nagendra
Varud Gupta
Subir Dey cartoon with brain melting
Subir Dey
Akansha Motwani portrait
Akansha Motwani
Dattaprasad Godbole line art portrait
Dattaprasad Godbole
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